Author Topic: What kind of examples would the mc-Things platform be useful for?  (Read 265 times)


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What kind of examples would the mc-Things platform be useful for?

a.   As we say, the opportunities are endless! Since the platform is so versatile and feasible, there is almost no use-case that you couldn’t use the mc-Things platform for! From livestock and agriculture management to asset tracking to consumer devices and much much more! If you have specific inquiries, please contact us at

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Is there some easy accessible way on your website to be able to read up on all the uses that you have developed the product for


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We have developed a number of great use-case.

IoT is in a lot of cases a disruptive technology so companies want to keep this secret. We have use cases where companies can improve their efficiency with 30%. Therefore most companies require us to sign NDA's (Non Disclosure Agreements) because they don't want their competitors to know that they working on IoT solutions. 



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  • mc-Things! The opportunities are endless!
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@dale.c - To add to what mc-John wrote:

While we do have some large clients under NDA (and hence cannot disclose what they are working on), there are still potentially thousands of ways to use the mc-Things platform!

To name some off the top of my head:

- Agriculture management - Imagine a large greenhouse operation where you rotate different crops through depending on the season. You could easily setup the mc-Things platform to look at capturing temperature, humidity (by adding an additional sensor) and even soil moisture (adding an additional sensor). Imagine being able to quickly and easily see what the temperature, humidity and the soil moisture for all your crops within your greenhouses? You could even look at having the mc-Modules tell your irrigation system to turn on or off by measuring the soil moisture. This would allow you to be very efficient on giving your crops the optimal growing conditions while, at the same time, being very efficient with the resources you use as well!

- Livestock Management - Imagine being able to locate animals in a feedlot and be alerted (via the accelerometer) if they have been motionless for a certain period of time? Could suggest a health issue and now you can dispatch veterinary staff to try and save the animal. This could not only save feed lots and holding yards potentially hundreds of saved animals per year (resulting in that much extra earned revenue) but also a more humane operation as you can be alerted to save the animals in your care!

-Building Efficiencies  - This is a perfect use-case for the mc-Thing platform! Imagine easily deploying the mc-Modules into a residence, building, industrial setting, etc and being able to quickly and efficiently measure different variables to get a full picture of how efficient your location is! For example, a business could easily deploy mc-Modules throughout a building to measure temperature (maybe in a furnace room, production area, showroom, patio, etc) to determine if there are any potential issues in regards to insulation and be alerted if a temperature goes above or below a specific threshold. Using the magnetic switch, you can be alerted if windows/doors/etc are open or closed alongside check the temperature. Of course, if you add more sensors to the modules (since they can connect to others using UART, I2C and SPI) you could then start to get into specific measurements of other variables and have all the information relay back to your cloud for analysis or a dashboard.

- Cold-Chain Management - Similar to the above scenario, imagine using the mc-Modules to monitor freezers/refrigerators in a retail or storage location to be alerted if a temperature threshold is breached. This is a very important and yet very easy use-case for the mc-Things platform.

We always say' The opportunities are endless' with mc-Things and it's true! The above scenarios are just the tip of the iceberg of what can be accomplished with the mc-Things platform. Out-of-the-box use-cases are easy and due to the versatility of the mc-Modules (with the multiple digital and analog inputs) you can start to attached other sensors or devices. You could also turn legacy technology or sensors into an internet connected device using mc-Things or create a new device using the platform for yourself or even to bring to market!

If you have any specific use-cases that you are unsure if the mc-Things platform would work well, please send us an email at
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