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Re: gateway did not react on connect request
« on: July 05, 2017, 05:27:31 pm »
I am connecting about 1 in 50 times... Not good. The error is actually not thrown as often as a simple inability to connect to the devices. There is a lot of difficulty connecting compared to the prior firmwares. Even when an mc-110mod is right next to the gateway (both ethernet wired and wireless).

Also my scripts no longer work and I have not changed anything. Did you deprecate IFTTT? Messages were relaying through my IFTTT applet fine right up until my firmware upgrades. I have re uploaded the script, but now my applet quit working? I have not had a chance to rebuild for MQTT yet.

mc-Studio still crashes like crazy, even for simple things like copy paste or even typing in a single character of code.
Class Devlin_Temp
    Shared Event CheckTemp() RaiseEvent Every 3 Minutes
        Dim temp As Float = TempSensor.GetTemp()
        Dim tempstring As String = temp.ToString()

        Dim ID As String
        ID = Device.mcUID().ToString("x8")
        Lplan.IFTTT("{key}", "Devlin_Temperature", tempstring, "", ID)
    End Event
    Shared Event measureVoltage() RaiseEvent Every 2 Hours
        Dim BattVolt As Short = Device.BatteryVoltage
        Dim Volts As String = BattVolt.ToString()
        Dim mcID As Float = Device.mcUID
        Dim ID As String = mcID.ToString("x8")
        If BattVolt < 2200 Then
            Lplan.IFTTT("{key}", "Devlin_Temp_Battery", Volts, "", ID)
        End If
    End Event
End Class
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