Author Topic: gateway did not react on connect request  (Read 286 times)


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Re: gateway did not react on connect request
« on: July 06, 2017, 09:58:15 am »
When mcStudio crashes, it should pop up a dialog with an exception. Would you be able to send us the text for this exception? It will give us an idea of what is going on on your system.

Due to the resource limitation on the gateway the connection mechanism from mcStudio is not 100% reliable. This would explain your 1/50 times connection, although this seems very unreasonable, I would not expect that much degradation. The system would suffer under high network loads. Is there anything out of the ordinary on your network? Any high bandwidth streaming or broadcasting?

IFTTT is still supported and was not deprecated in v0.9 so I am not sure what is going on here.