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Re: gateway did not react on connect request
« on: July 08, 2017, 02:39:49 pm »
The crashes seemed to have calmed down a little. As far as the error text, that's not possible because it literally just closes the app with no error report.

A have managed to get the gateway to receive MQTT pubs from the mods (four 110's and one 120). But success is still down at one in ten. I disconnect the gateway, close the connection screen, open it back up and cross my fingers. One in three times if I connect to one, then I maybe connect to a second.

My gateway120 on the new firmware does not seem to want to receive MQTT messages from the modules for a full 24 hours. It basically works for a while, then stops relaying until I reset the unit. When I hit the reset button, it relays again, so the modules work fine. You may not have the space in the gateway memory, but it would be good if you could write a basic routine (in the next firmware) that logs activity to a USB stick in the port. I would happily send the data to your team.

So for now:
   mcStudio is still unstable but functional in the mcScript editor. Crashes are just a shutdown most of the time. Try alternate click paths, you probably all use the perfect click paths when you are testing, put it in front of your kids and significant others. You'll find the problems fast. (HINT: don't tell them where to click!)
   mcStudio/gateway is now worse at discovering mcMods. Gateway discovery is fast. Mod discovery is rare and unpredictable. Same, Kids and SO's for testing, there are still many problems here.
   Gateway110 appears to be crashing inside 24 hours and failing to relay MQTT pubs without a restart. No debug options. I will monitor and advise while I build out my IFTTT replacement. This is a huge issue for me, and I am not even a commercial client, just a hacker geek for personal amusement. The gateway must not crash!

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