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Re: Question about Kickstarter versions
« on: August 03, 2018, 02:19:31 am »
For anybody else in a similar situation, let me answer my own questions.
  • is a mc-router and a mc-gateway the same thing - YES
  • does the current IDE still work with those version - YES
  • can the firmware be updated on them - YES
  • were there battery issues with the 1st gen - I haven't found any problems yet. They started out at 2.9 volts about 7 weeks ago, and they're now are 2.8 volts. I'm sending temperature, battery and status readings every 30 minutes.
  • is the Kickstarter mc-module the same as the 100 - YES
  • am I wasting my time - probably, but why would I make a value judgement
However, the mcModule110s are no longer available and the newer mcModule120s are not compatible with the old gateway. So if I want more I basically have to start from scratch. Bummer.