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Re: Question about Kickstarter versions
« on: August 14, 2018, 11:09:46 am »
Hey michaelblight,

sorry for the delay and good job on answering your own questions  :) just to expand on your answers:

is a mc-router and a mc-gateway the same thing - YES - correct. It was originally called an mc-Router but has now changed to mcGateway to better reflect what the hardware does. We are close to releasing mcCloud to the public (within the next month or 2) and at that time, anyone wishing to use the new system will need to upgrade to new hardware as the older hardware does not have the capabilities to work on the new version. More info on mcCloud here:

does the current IDE still work with those version - YES - Yes, for the legacy version of devices. We will continue to provide the firmware and software (mcStudio) for the older version on our website for some time but we will not be supporting this in the future as we are focusing on the new version of mcThings which includes the new mcCloud

can the firmware be updated on them - YES - Yes, with the legacy version of the firmware (mcOS). Again, we will not be supporting any fixes or updates on the legacy version of the system.

were there battery issues with the 1st gen - I haven't found any problems yet. They started out at 2.9 volts about 7 weeks ago, and they're now are 2.8 volts. I'm sending temperature, battery and status readings every 30 minutes. - correct, there were some battery issues but those were fixed, mostly in mcOS. You should be getting some serious life out of your batteries from the devices

is the Kickstarter mc-module the same as the 100 - YES - Correct. It was actually called the mcMod110 which has subsequently been replaced with the new mcMod120 which will be required for using the new system with mcCloud. NOTE - a new mcGateway120 will also be required to use the new system.

am I wasting my time - probably, but why would I make a value judgement - We, of course, dont think it is a waste of time!  :)

However, the mcModule110s are no longer available and the newer mcModule120s are not compatible with the old gateway. So if I want more I basically have to start from scratch. Bummer. - This is correct and for good reason. The new system makes it much easier to work with multiple devices (you can manage all your devices from the cloud!) and ensures that there is high-security for solutions being created. We have already deployed new mcCloud devices into multiple projects for some very large clients and now we are vamping up the system for public use as soon as we can.

Hope that helps.
Take care

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