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Archive of Download Releases
« on: August 23, 2016, 08:37:35 am »
Could mc-Things maintain links for all public releases on the downloads page? The links don't even have to be visible, but maybe create a sensible URL scheme. Even a 90s style webpage like would be good. A URL like mc-Module 110 works, but does not. (Shouldn't these be https?)

Links should be maintained for all resources. This includes mc-OTA Application Download, mc-OTA Quick Start Guide, mc-Module 110 Product Specification, mc-Module 110 Bin File Download, mc-Module 110 Schematics, mc-Module 110 Release Notes (same with mc-Module 120), mc-Gateway Quick Start Guide, mc-Gateway Application Processor Download, mc-Gateway Host Processor Download, mc-Gateway Application Processor Release Notes, mc-Gateway Host Processor Release Notes, mc-Studio Application, mc-Studio Release Notes, and White Paper Beaconing. Everything.

I have tried to grab all updates on the downloads page and maintain them on my file system, but I am realizing that this is infeasible. There may be weeks when I am not working on mc-Things projects and I miss a release. It has also become harder to do this when files like the mc-Gateway binaries are all named mcGw110.bin.

What if a release is more buggy than the last? What if a mc-Gateway cannot be updated to support the same LPLAN version as the mc-Modules What if a company using mc-Things for its platform decides that version 2.2.1 is the official version for their product line and due to procedures in place are not allowed to use anything newer?

I think this makes a point that a repository of sorts of all public resources generated by mc-Things should be maintained.

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