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Title: OTA Update
Post by: Bartw on February 08, 2017, 10:31:32 pm

I am having a really bad time with Updating the firmware on MC120 modules.

Sometimes they go first pass and other time it take 30 minutes of retrys to get them to program.

Any one else experiencing this? does this need to be done in an RF quite environment?

Title: Re: OTA Update
Post by: mc-T2 on February 09, 2017, 09:28:57 am
Hi Bart,

There have been some users that have told us that it has taken a couple times to get the modules to take the updates, sometimes. But we have not heard or experienced that extreme time to complete an update.
- I assume you are, but please be sure that your batteries are fresh
- If you start to experience these issues, please stop the mcOTA application and restart it. This has helped some in the past
- Range: the mcDongle does have some range but it is limited. Please be sure that the mcDongle is in close proximity to the modules and try to keep the two devices within that proximity while completing the firmware updates
- Orientation - Due to the limited range of the mcDongle, you may want to try to orientate the dongle or the module differently to provide a better RF connection

*Updated Feb 9th @ 1:47MST *
- Are you using the latest version of mcOTA available on the website?
- As mentioed above, if you do need to restart the mcOTA program, please be sure to quit the application, unplug the dongle and plug it back in and then start the application again

Firmware updates in quiet environment - This shouldn't be an issue. I, personally, have updated multiple modules here at the office while thousands of devices where beaconing and sending out messages and did not run into any issues.

Let us know if this helps and if you are still running into issues
Title: Re: OTA Update
Post by: Nick_W on February 09, 2017, 11:43:46 am
Do you actually mean OTA update? or just sending a script to the module (wireless)?

I ask, because I have had no real problems updating the firmware on 120 modules, but getting scripts to load via wireless is very difficult.

For this reason I mostly use my dev board, which has no problem loading (if you get the on switch - connect timing right).

But in some instances (wired in modules), I have no choice but to update them with new scripts using the gateway, and this fails about 80% of the time. Before the latest updates (yesterday), I was successful most of the time if the gateway was next to the module (ie less than 50cm say). Further away than this would fail every time.

After the upgrades released yesterday, updates fail most of the time, even with the gateway 5cm from the module. This is a pain, because you mostly get no message, things just hang. You have to power cycle the module, which crashes mcStudio, then restart mcStudio (usually twice as it doesn't start the first time), and try (and fail) again. Very time consuming.

The new firmware seems more prone to these failures than previously. As I say I was mostly successful when the module was within 50cm of the gateway, now 80% failures. It's early days with the latest upgrade, but I have noticed much lower reliability on script transfers already.

Did something get messed up?
Title: Re: OTA Update
Post by: mc-T2 on February 09, 2017, 02:46:44 pm
Hey Nick,
This is very odd. From our testing both at the office and elsewhere with clients, we have seen very little issues with loading scripts over a distance of many feet/meters. As an example, the Losant Dashboard that is currently running has many modules that are set in places that are not easily accessible and others that are mounted (door open/closed modules) so when we go to change the scripts, we are using the wireless with some of the modules being updated up to 25-30 feet away from a gateway (through multiple walls/windows/etc).

We have tested the current firmware updates (And will continue to do some further testing based on your comments) and they appear to work as well as the previous updates from our testing.

Can you confirm that you have completed all the firmware updates on the modules and the gateways (both the host processor and the application processor updates)?
Title: Re: OTA Update
Post by: Nick_W on February 09, 2017, 02:50:46 pm
Yes I have completed the updates,

I have to say the computer that I am working on is very slow though. Could it be a timing issue?
Title: Re: OTA Update
Post by: Bartw on February 09, 2017, 05:08:03 pm
Hi Guys,
I am running my module from a bench top psu so shouldn't be an issue.

I also had script loading issues with this particular module dropping out al the time which makes dev really painful.

Out of frustration i swapped to another module and rebooted my machine and power cycled the dongle but I still had problems.

I then killed my gateway and then the update went fine. since then I have been able to load scripts without issue.

All i can assume is that my previous module may have a bad rf stage and that i have a lot of Rf noise around my desk which is likely considering the work we do.


Title: Re: OTA Update
Post by: Nick_W on February 10, 2017, 10:19:29 am
Well I still have endless trouble updating scripts OTA.

Usually connect goes without much trouble (especially if I have midpowermode set).

Then to send the script, I click on "Load and Save Program" - Icon highlights, then there is a period of nothing - 10 to 30 seconds (depends how long the program is). Next subtle change in the McStudio window (icon flickers, or windows spinner starts - something like this) - I know this means that building has finished, and transfer to the module has begun. Now random period of nothing, McStudio is unresponsive (can't do/click anything) - this can be 15 to 30 seconds or so. Next you get one of the following

In the last case, I have tried waiting minutes, but no change. At some point I give up, and have to power cycle the module, at which point I get a long pop up error message "object not sent to an instance of .... blah blah blah". Click on OK. Now windows comes up and says McStudio has stopped responding - click on "close program". McStudio closes. Re-open it (usually twice, first time fails), and try again.

This happens 50 to 80% of the time (i think it depends on how far the gateway is from the module but this may be wishful thinking. I usually have the module 50cm from the gateway or it doesn't work at all).

My suggestion - what about a progress bar? ie compiling, building, sending so you can see what is happening, and if it is hung. Maybe retry instead of crash?

It's just frustrating having to wait "random length of time" not knowing what is happening, looking for subtle windows changes to guess progress, eventually giving up and so on.

I know my computer is slow (I do have a faster one, but it's not set up for development ... yet), and my main super fast computer is Linux, but it's not that slow! It's running Windows 8.1 if that is any help.

Just what I'm seeing, YMMV.