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Title: HTTP Requests
Post by: Moritz on March 02, 2018, 06:55:02 am
Hey Team,

I was looking through the documents to find out if I can create a http request via the sensors, but I didn't find any information related to this.
Is it possible to read data from a http source? I'd like to call a url in order to bypass the use of mqtt and ifttt.

Title: Re: HTTP Requests
Post by: mc-T2 on March 05, 2018, 12:57:16 pm
Hi Mortiz,

Glad you asked this question! We are in the middle of transitioning our platform to our new version which includes mcCloud. With mcCloud, you actually send data to the cloud using webhooks (HTTPS)! The new system has many changes and will be the platform we will be supporting moving forward.
With mcCloud, you have an enhanced security setup and you register devices within the mcCloud portal. You still write your script for the devices in mcStudio but instead of deploying them to device individually, you upload the script/application to your mcCloud portal. From there, you can easily and wirelessly deploy the applications to multiple devices at the same time! You can also direct information from a device to multiple applications that can receive HTTPS.

Important info:

mcCloud will be released to the public shortly and, although we have not yet officially announced this yet, we will be offering a discounted mcGateway120 and mcModule120 devices to our existing users! This means for anyone that has the older equipment OR has purchased new equipment from mcThings (Either from Kickstarter or from our website store), you will have the option to get more gear at a discounted priced to use on the new system.
To provide some further information on mcCloud, you can check out the below (unpublished link) that has some getting started videos for using mcCloud! Check this out:

Let us know if you have any questions. We will be doing an announcement on mcCloud shortly and will also be contacting our existing users in regards to the discounted gear.