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mc-Plug / Re: McPlug
« on: May 24, 2017, 05:19:52 pm »
Ya know  ......  This getting annoying ! 

Here I have a fuggen Dell Workstation - a T7400 with two Xeon E5440's processors and 64 GB of RAM and for shits and giggles 9.3TB of space.

It'd be freaken great if the damm McStudio app didn't crash every single time I write something in the app for the McPlug.

I'm pretty sure it's NOT the computer and everything else connected to it, or in it, seems to run pretty damm happy, and has so done for a year !



mc-Plug / Re: McPlug
« on: May 18, 2017, 09:43:38 pm »

Ya no,  I saw that's no good.

I just want a simple script that pings a time server, or gets the time and keeps track of it, or tracks a standard clock.

And at time "A " it turns on the mcplug and at time " B " it turns it off.

Pretty much the most obvious thing for a 120v switch ..... do you guys have anything?
A buddy sent me this:

Class test
    Shared Event ACPlug() RaiseEvent Every 1 Minutes
        Dim Hr As Byte
        Hr = Hour (DateTime.Hour ())
        Relay = (Hr >= 8 And Hr < 20)
    End Event
End Class



1. Start McStudio
2. File -> New Project. Lets say you call it "Plug1" this time.
3. Give it a name WITHOUT spaces in it. That's a known bug.
4. Set the dropdown device type to mcPlug120
5. Try this out:

Class Plug1
    Shared Event ACPlug RaiseEvent Every 1 Minutes
        Dim Hr as Byte

        Hr = Hour()
        Relay = (Hr >= 8 and Hr <20)
    End Event
End Class


mc-Plug / McPlug
« on: May 14, 2017, 03:54:58 pm »

Can you guys point me in the right direction for using a mcplug to turn on a light using the time of day?

Is there already code written to use the gateway to monitor the computers time or a NIST server out there for the correct time of the day.
Then tell the mcplug to turn on and off at set times ?

That's gotta be a common use for a mcplug I would think ..........


mc-Studio / Re: newbie - mcstudio
« on: May 14, 2017, 03:25:09 pm »
TA DA .....upgraded mcstudio from 0.7-906 to 0.899.0 and tossed in .net .... happy modules now !


mc-Studio / Re: newbie - mcstudio
« on: May 11, 2017, 09:05:44 pm »
Oh yea,

Here you go ....... 0.6-367     and 0.8-421


mc-Studio / newbie - mcstudio
« on: May 11, 2017, 08:50:20 pm »
Hi Kids,

Newbie - here first time playing with it.
Got the gateway going and my 3 mcthings are beaconing and so is my new mcplug ..... lovely!

I can connect to the gateway with the mcstudio and it also shows me connected to the virt gateway FF.E0 (the top one) that I can't un-connect from, and
I can NOT connect at all to the test board gateway FF.C0  (the bottom one - but also no USB hook up)  but anyway  ..... When I''m connected to my gateway
via my LAN  (in my case 08.F4)  none of the mcthings or the mcplug show up in the bottom window.

If I open up TOOLS - Beaconing - there they be ..... so much for watching the mcstudio intro on YouTube  (grin) 

So what'd I break or perhaps it's just child-proof  .....  : -)


Hi Guys,

So I now have 3 mc110's that are updated ..... I sent them all v0.8-374 same PC, same cables, everything ....
the only difference was I moved the bin file to the root of the c:\ drive!?  Hey, whatever right?   (grin) 

We'll try to flash the mcG ateway next with a USB stick .....  it lives!



Hows it going - thanks for quick response .....

I was just gonna start a draft of a quick start how-to because I didn't see one in the Support Section of the website.
I figured what the heck  ..... I'll go check out the new stuff and actually yea a video would be really handy!

Dunno, the cables I bought are full wired data cables that talk to my Cell and GPS so I know its not a K-Mart cheapy ....

Dunno it's odd that I've had no joy with the kit but we'll keep trying, I also have a buddy that has his behaving so I'll
bribe him with a few beers and get it going .... : -)

I'll go watch the vid and continue to beat on the dongle and see what happens - worse case if it's pooched I'll buy
another one, but it looks like I am on the right track ....

- latest software
- get the dongle going on a PC
- use the dongle to flash the new firmware to the 3 mcMod's
- then update the mcGateway's firmware via a USB stick
- once they're happy fire up the mcStudio and go for it

Thanks again for the quick post !



Is there someplace on the website that has instructions for newbies?  I pulled out the kits again for the second time here and still no joy.  Let’s hit the website……

Got to the site and figured let try Support ….  (Ah! a link that says getting started)

OK so I get tossed to a page that says:   Update – Program – Learn – Download, I tried to click on each box but no joy so I went down and clicked on:   DOWNLOAD OUR PLATFORM …. That just scrolled me down the page to another box called GET EVERYTHING YOU NEED, so OK I clicked that box too ….

So now I m on a new page that says IoT starts here and there’s pictures of the parts ….. so I try the first one, it says mcStudio and mcScript …. It says mcStudio is the software for mcScript and then down lower in the box is the place you can download it ….. OK, do I need it?

I downloaded it anyway ….later I went back to each one and also downloaded the User Guide, I’m gonna  need that …. In the bottom box under Getting Started it says you need  a mcGateway & mcDongle (Hardware) and also some mcModules/mcDevices (Hardware) and lastly mcStudio & mcOTA (Free Tools)

So yea I will need all of this stuff so I went back to each box and downloaded the apps and the user guides and has a look at each of the getting started boxes under each one, they don’t tell you **** except throw you back to the top of that Getting Started page that had the  :   Update – Program – Learn – Download  page that has Step 1: Update again ?

RONCO    K-TEL    EZ STEP-BY-STEP    (Draft)

It’s not really saying much to me really but from what I can gather I need to update stuff:

-   Get yer parts – I have a McGateway – a mcOTA and I have three green 100 mcModules

-   Down load all the software from the website that’s there – I don’t see any instructions on what you actually need so grab it all

-   I think the first thing you have to do is update all the mcModules, so I opened the zip that I downloaded for my 110’s and extracted it to a folder

-   There’s a bin file in it and some release notes – that’s it - nothing on what to do in that

-   Anyway, back in the 110 page in the next box down under the release notes and bin file thing there is a box saying again that you need the mcStudio and the mcOTA application to update the software on the mcModules

-   I gave up on the mcModules page and went to the mcOTA page and I see the D/L link for the
-   app, then a prod spec box, then the user guide and lastly that getting started link that tosses you back up to the top that goes no place.  This step by step draft for us folks in the “Explain it to me like I’m 5” crowd is what I’m making here now.   (grin)

-   I extracted the user guide for the mcOTA and hit Step 1 on Page 2.  It says go get the mcOTA Updater but the link is screwed in the manual and what piece of software is called the mcOTA Updater ?

-   HINT: it’s the same thing as the mcOTA App  - they just use different names for Sport!

-   Step 2. Download the latest bin – you can’t again because the link in the manual is screwed but you did already - it’s in that file called for the 110’s with those release notes I guessing.

-   Step 3- So install the app called mcOTA.msi and you may have to run the separate file called CDM21216_Setup.exe to get the right drivers

-   Step 4 - Run the program and try to get it to work – I’ve tried 2 cables and 3 different PC with no joy so I’m guessing hat my mcDongle is pooched – I dunno …..

-   Here’s what I see on one PC with it plugged in:



BUT !  If I open the device manager I get …….



-   So it is in there as a Com 4 device and you can see it’s in as the USB Serial Converter it’s supposed to be but still no luck ….

-   So I’ve monkeyed around with their suggestions on hard selection the Port Number which I’m guessing means the Com Port on the PC so in this example – Com 4

-   I also checked off the box marked “Filter by Serial Number and read the number off the sticker on one of the mcModules and put that in as well and tried the Search Device button …..

-   (actually I’ve tried this on all 3 PC’s and with 2 mcModules and two USB cables and all I’m getting is: Connection to device failed: Please try again)

END of          EZ STEP- BY STEP        DRAFT

From what I gather since starting this in a nutshell you get your hardware bits and the first thing to do is update the mcModules

 –  install the mc OTA software on the PC - run    mcOTA.msi     to do that

–  start it up the     mcOTA Updater.exe      software from the desktop on the PC

–  put the bin file in the box called      mcMod110-v0.8-374.bin     in the VM Firmware box in the   
    mcOTA program as the latest and greatest firmware to send to one of your mcModules

–  to do this first -  set everything setup in that program …….

 – click the    Search Device    button and then right after     PUT a battery in one of your mcModules.
    ( If you move the sticker off the top of the mcModule you’ll see that the battery should have the
      Positive  (  +  )  side up in the holder on the mcModules  )
    (  btw – I have no freggen clue what the button on the mcOTA dongle is for  - anyone!?   )

Is this right folks ?!?!

Then something magical should happen and it should do stuff …..   (grin)

Anyway this is a start for an easier and hopefully much more clear way to get it going  …..

Feel free to edit, delete, or tear apart this post …..


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