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Announcements / Introducing 'Tempy' by mcThings!!
« Last post by mc-T2 on March 13, 2018, 12:35:37 pm »
Hello all,

We wanted to announce to you a new Indiegogo campaign that we just released today!

Tempy is a wireless temperature and humidity sensing system that monitors and reports live data directly to your phone, tablet or computer. Create custom text message and email alerts using the Tempy application notifying you of undesirable climate changes detected by your Tempy sensors. Avoid expensive temperature and humidity related damages such as frozen pipes and mold before they happen, while on vacation. Built for both indoor and outdoor use, Tempy is ready to report in any environment.

Check out the campaign here:

We'd love to get your support on this product and look forward to any backing that our forum users can provide!

Additional info

Tempy is not only a great ready-to-go solution but it should also showcase how the mcThings platform can be used to create easy to implement IoT solutions! For any user out there that has an idea in mind for creating an IoT solution using our platform, Tempy is a perfect example of how the hardware can be developed and used to bring valuable data into a software/cloud application to visualize and make the data valuable.
mc-Platform General / Re: HTTP Requests
« Last post by mc-T2 on March 05, 2018, 12:57:16 pm »
Hi Mortiz,

Glad you asked this question! We are in the middle of transitioning our platform to our new version which includes mcCloud. With mcCloud, you actually send data to the cloud using webhooks (HTTPS)! The new system has many changes and will be the platform we will be supporting moving forward.
With mcCloud, you have an enhanced security setup and you register devices within the mcCloud portal. You still write your script for the devices in mcStudio but instead of deploying them to device individually, you upload the script/application to your mcCloud portal. From there, you can easily and wirelessly deploy the applications to multiple devices at the same time! You can also direct information from a device to multiple applications that can receive HTTPS.

Important info:
  • The new system requires an mcGateway120. The original mcGateway110's will not function on the new system
  • mcCloud will not work with mcModule110 devices. You will require mcModule120 devices. All other devices can be moved to this new system and new devices ordered from mcThings will now be sent out programmed to use the new system
  • We will be keeping the files and details for the older system on our website but we will not be supporting the older version of the platform
  • mcCloud will eventually be a paid subscription service. However, we will be offering a free tier, up to 25 devices, for everyone to get working with the system! Pricing for mcCloud is very low, in the order of $0.50 - $10 per year, per device (depending on how many devices you have on the system

mcCloud will be released to the public shortly and, although we have not yet officially announced this yet, we will be offering a discounted mcGateway120 and mcModule120 devices to our existing users! This means for anyone that has the older equipment OR has purchased new equipment from mcThings (Either from Kickstarter or from our website store), you will have the option to get more gear at a discounted priced to use on the new system.
To provide some further information on mcCloud, you can check out the below (unpublished link) that has some getting started videos for using mcCloud! Check this out:

Let us know if you have any questions. We will be doing an announcement on mcCloud shortly and will also be contacting our existing users in regards to the discounted gear.
mc-Platform General / HTTP Requests
« Last post by Moritz on March 02, 2018, 06:55:02 am »
Hey Team,

I was looking through the documents to find out if I can create a http request via the sensors, but I didn't find any information related to this.
Is it possible to read data from a http source? I'd like to call a url in order to bypass the use of mqtt and ifttt.

mc-Innovations / Re: mcModules goes cold
« Last post by Nick_W on February 11, 2018, 01:29:21 pm »
Did you make a case for it?

I'm looking to 3d print some cases for different batteries also.
Here are some recent updates…

As I mention above, after upgrading the mcGW to the new Host & application firmware I lost wi-fi connectivity on the mcGW and was forced to use the Ethernet cable. Since then all the sensors have been reporting at their expected intervals without any lockups.
Maybe NorGer can confirm this if he can disconnect the wi-fi connection and  use Ethernet connection instead and see if issue is resolved as well?

A few more details that maybe worth mentioning. In the past I would get up the morning after leaving the sensors on all night and 100% of the time there would be at least two sensors that stopped reporting over MQTT. However, the beacons seemed to keep reporting. Because only two of the four sensors would stop reporting, I suspected maybe a bug in my script code so I would open mcStudio, connect to the mcGW, connect to the module and run the debugger only to find the code working properly. I would then also begin to see the MQTT messages to start reporting again.

Maybe there is some issue with wi-fi connection and MQTT locking up and when I connect to the gateway via mcStudio; somehow that clears it up. Just thinking out loud. Any suggestions?
This platform is very frustrating.

I upgraded to GW Version 0.9-958 and LP Lan Version 0.0.615. Now mcStudio can only see the GW when the ethernet cable is connected. The GW does not show up when in wi-fi mode.

Wi-fi settings are the same in GW config as before the upgrade.
My configuration is:

- mcGateway110
                  * GwVersion: 0.6-367
                  * LpLanVersion: 08-420
- mosquitto: local server
- mcGateway connection to local network: wifi
mc-Gateway / signal strength issue with mcGateway110???
« Last post by NorGer on February 02, 2018, 10:09:41 am »

I have a signal strength issue with mcGateway110. I need support or suggestion to handle this.

I have attached some print screens from my mcStudio about gateway configuration window. You can see the connected mcGateway110, two mcModule120 and one mcDemo205 module. The modules were connected to the gateway and placed very close (some centimetres) to mcGateway (picture 1). Based on the forum mentioned values I have expected stronger RSSI values as they are visible on the attached picture (picture 1). The other pictures show the RSSI values from the modules are put into our refrigerator to test the signal strength. In this case there was not any application loaded on the modules.
The gateway was in different room as the refrigerator. There were two brick walls between the mcGateway and the module (distance was about 8 meters).
Could You explain me please, why are the RSSI values so weak in my cases (esspecially in case with picture 1)? Or are these values the real operation values?

picture 1: mcGateway_and_mcModules_RSSI-location_is_near.jpg
picture 2: mcGateway_and_mcModules_RSSI-location_is_in_refrigerator_01.jpg
picture 3: mcGateway_and_mcModules_RSSI-location_is_in_refrigerator_02.jpg
picture 4: mcGateway_and_mcModules_RSSI-location_is_in_refrigerator_03.jpg

Honestly I`m confused a little bit, because I do not know that there is still a problem with my mcGateway110 device (for a month ago there were a factory reset with the firmware) or there are some radio disturb in my environment.

Additional information: I haven`t tested the gateway and module communication in disturb less environment yet. All my tests were executed in our flat, located in a middling populated district.
I would be very happy if somebody could give me some feedback regarding the issues above.

I have the same issue.

- mcGateway110
                  * GwVersion: 0.9-958
                  * LpLanVersion: 09-615
- mcModule120 firmware: v0.9.615
- mosquitto: local server
- mcGateway connection to local network: wifi

Problem description:
Temperature application project (using MQTT class with method Lplan.Publish) from the GitHUB was running on the mcModule120. This program generates bacons in very short cycles for different topics (as .../Temerature, .../BatteryVoltage). I can receive a "lifecycle" bacon in the topic home/mcThings too and the greenLED blinks on the module if a bacon was sent to the MQTT server. I used a private MQTT sever with windows application-, mobile- and mcModule120 clients. After some hours the application- and mobile-client were still able to publish and receive messages, but I lost all bacons from the mcModule. The modul was alive, because the greenLED was still blinking and I could measure the required power voltage level (about 3V on the battery). So, I thought that the only problem could be at the mcGateway side. I restarted the gateway and after some secounds the bacons from the mcModule ware received in the topics again.

Any idea or solution to handle this issue?
Can you confirm what version of mcOS(firmware) your gateway is at and your devices please?
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