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Hi Everyone,
sorry that you are experiencing these issues - As mentioned in other posts, we are no longer supporting the older version of the system in the fact that we are not going to make changes or fix any potential bugs as we are focused on the new system (with mcCloud: NOTE - Older hardware such as the gateway110 and mcMod110's will not function on the new system (they dont have the technical requirements to access the new system) so to work with the new release, you will need to upgrade your equipment.
We are planning on a discounted offer to existing users and backers soon (it has been delayed due to some massive projects we are working on). If you do want to get more information, you can ask us here or email as at

In regards to the issue, our recommendation would be to re-load the firmware for all your devices, make sure your modules have fresh batteries and, if you are having issues using WIFI, switch to Ethernet as for some of you, it appears to be more stable.

Hope that helps!
Basically what I want is to put the mcMod120 to send data 60 minutes, then put it in sleep mode for 20 minutes, then again 60 minutes sending and 20 minutes in sleep mode, and this is repeated infinitely.

I currently use this line to send data every 5 seconds:
Shared Event Publish() RaiseEvent Every 5 Seconds

What I'm going to do, is put in place of 5 seconds, 60 minutes, and I'm looking for a function to put:

Sleep (20 min)

And let this start again ..
mc-Innovations / Re: Communicate Wireless Sensor using MCthings platform
« Last post by fany89 on June 25, 2018, 04:13:40 am »
I have bought this sensor and for the record I am able to use this sensor with arduino Uno to monitor the readings on my laptop by using using Zigbee module
But for WIFI connection I have raspberry pi so I ll try to implement this process by using raspberry pi.
mc-Innovations / Re: Communicate Wireless Sensor using MCthings platform
« Last post by kristofferis on June 25, 2018, 03:40:47 am »
Hello. That sounds like a good idea.
What temperature sensor do you use now? I guess you want to connect the same sensors that you have now.
mc-Innovations / Communicate Wireless Sensor using MCthings platform
« Last post by fany89 on June 25, 2018, 03:34:51 am »
Hi, I using wireless temperature sensor which consist of Zigbee module to make connection wireless but I am looking the better way to connect these sensor through wireless communication system with MC things software tools which help sensor readings should be stored to server data base and by using MqTT protocol we will be to send the alerts to user's smartphones whenever temperature sensor readings goes up or down from the mentioned range

This Platform is much newer for me so will be looking forward for your helpful advice
I'm having the same problem. After a day or two, the data stops flowing and I need restart the gateway.

McGateway 110:
GwVersion: 0.9-958
LpLanVersion: 0.9-615
McModule 110:
Version: not sure, but probably 0.9-615 as I updated everthing at the same time and I see 0.9.615 in my download/mcthings folde but the devices tool shows 0 for version.

Any way we can fix this?
MQTT / Re: Not seeing any MQTT messages
« Last post by michaelblight on June 17, 2018, 08:02:02 am »
Solved it!

I'm guessing the USB stick I used to update the Application Processor (mcGw110.bin) was reporting over 100mA required and so the update was not working. I noticed mcOTA was reporting version 6.* rather than 9.*. I had updated the Host Processor, so perhaps the two versions were not compatible. Anyway, when I redid everything with a different USB stick, lo and behold, MQTT messages being sent and received.
MQTT / Not seeing any MQTT messages
« Last post by michaelblight on June 17, 2018, 02:31:01 am »
I'm trying this for the first time and not having much luck. I have Mosquitto installed in a Docker container running under Ubuntu. On my laptop I can run MQTT.fx and successfully publish and subscribe. I also have Home Assistant connected, and it can respond to the messages published from MQTT.fx too.

I have the following code running on a mcModule110:

Code: [Select]
Class TestHeartbeat
    Shared Event SendMessage() RaiseEvent Every 15 Seconds
        Dim payload As ListOfByte = New ListOfByte()
        Lplan.Publish("heartbeat", payload)
        LedGreen = Not LedGreen
    End Event
End Class

And I have the mcGate110 config set to my Mosquitto server ( The green LED goes on and off every 15 seconds, but no messages arrive at either MQTT.fx or Home Assistant. And MQTT.fx can scan for topics, but nothing shows up. Any help would be much appreciated.
mc-Things General Discussion / Question about Kickstarter versions
« Last post by michaelblight on June 11, 2018, 10:02:50 pm »
I backed a mc-router and 3 mc-modules on kickstarter back in the day. For various reasons they remained unused. Until now. Before I start, does anybody know what issues I will face in trying to use these? Like: is a mc-router and a mc-gateway the same thing; does the current IDE still work with those versions; can the firmware be updated on them; were there battery issues with the 1st gen; is the Kickstarter mc-module the same as the 100; am I wasting my time; etc.
mc-Things General Discussion / Re: Help with the accelerometer (mcMod120)
« Last post by mc-T2 on June 11, 2018, 11:26:18 am »
Hi Junkboy,

Sorry for the delay.

1) How quickly are you expecting to transmit the acclerometer data? If you are trying to transmit any less than every 30 seconds, you will likely start to run into issues as the system is designed for low-power. It is not designed for continuous transmission of data due to the low-power and design of the platform. We do have many users who are using the accelerometer and either sending a sample every 30 seconds (or at a longer interval) or programming logic onto the device where you can do some computing to send out a particular value on an acceptable interval.

For your uses, you'll need to work on you code and programming to get what you need - since there are not a lot of available examples on using the accelerometer yet, you'll need to put in the time and effort on your own code at this time. as mentioned, in the new system there is some more accelerometer examples that might help you out but that wont be accessible until the new system is available to everyone (in the next month or two). There are users here on the forum that have done some fancy things with the accelerometer and might be able to provide you code and help. I do not have permission from our users and clients to share those examples at this time.

My recommendation would be to look at the library for the accelerometer within mcStudio to understand it a fully and you can also search around online for others using the same sensor of other hardware - you can then take those examples and work on moving them into the mcStudio environment for your own use.

Hope that helps!
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