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Introducing the mc-Demo205
« on: October 31, 2016, 11:24:01 am »
mc-Things has recently released the mc-Demo205 device!
This device is one of the most powerful IoT devices in the market today! It includes a plethora of features (including a GNSS receiver, Temperature sensor and an accelerometer) and also allows you to communicate information from the device to the cloud using SIGFOX ( or mc-Air!

In the product section of our website, you can click on the mc-Demo205 device or the kit to get further information.

We also have a full technical document on the mc-Demo205 device that includes examples on using the SIGFOX capability as well as the other functions that the device can perform! You can check that technical document out here:

We have also released a couple videos about the device!
1) Announcing the mc-Demo205

2) Technical overview of the mc-Demo205

3) Video using the mc-Demo205 to track a cow and relay that information back to the cloud via SIGFOX!

If you have further questions about the mc-Demo205 device, please send a note to

- The mc-Demo205 does not include a SIGFOX subscription. You will need to contact your the authorized SIGFOX network operator in your region to purchase a subscription. You can check our partner page ( to help find your authorized network operator
- the mc-Demo205 was designed to function in SIGFOX zones RCZ2 (North America) and RCZ4 (South America, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan). It will not function in RCZ1 (Europe, Oman)

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