Author Topic: Sensors Stop Sending MQTT Messages and have to reboot mcGW to start sending again.  (Read 353 times)


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I have the same issue.

- mcGateway110
                  * GwVersion: 0.9-958
                  * LpLanVersion: 09-615
- mcModule120 firmware: v0.9.615
- mosquitto: local server
- mcGateway connection to local network: wifi

Problem description:
Temperature application project (using MQTT class with method Lplan.Publish) from the GitHUB was running on the mcModule120. This program generates bacons in very short cycles for different topics (as .../Temerature, .../BatteryVoltage). I can receive a "lifecycle" bacon in the topic home/mcThings too and the greenLED blinks on the module if a bacon was sent to the MQTT server. I used a private MQTT sever with windows application-, mobile- and mcModule120 clients. After some hours the application- and mobile-client were still able to publish and receive messages, but I lost all bacons from the mcModule. The modul was alive, because the greenLED was still blinking and I could measure the required power voltage level (about 3V on the battery). So, I thought that the only problem could be at the mcGateway side. I restarted the gateway and after some secounds the bacons from the mcModule ware received in the topics again.

Any idea or solution to handle this issue?