Author Topic: Sensors Stop Sending MQTT Messages and have to reboot mcGW to start sending again.  (Read 353 times)


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I struggled with my mcGateway110 in mcStudio using wifi most of the day. I can use Ethernet to see/connect the gateway. I can see the mcGateway110 on my wireless router. Here are the steps that I used and so far has corrected not being able to connect to wifi.  It is as noted not reliable as wifi seems to drop out when using mcStudio.

1) Power off the mcGateway110
2) Move selector switch to wifi
3) Power on the mcGateway110
4) Run a ping test to the mcGateway110 (100% Success)
5) Launch mcStudio Tools > Devices and the mcGateway110.
6) Attempt to connect to the gateway after >20 seconds the gateway disappears from the list.
7) Run ping on the mcGateway110 (100% Success)
8) Close and launch mcStudio "wifi' gateway still does not show up.
9) Move the selector switch to "Ethernet". (Do not power cycle mcGateway110)
10)Close and restart mcStudio and I can connect "Ethernet" to the mcGateway110
11)Move the selector switch to "wifi". (Do not power cycle the mcGateway110)
12)Launch mcStudio Tools > Devices and the mcGateway110
13)Connection using mcStudio on "wifi" successful

Note you must close and re-open mcStudio between selector switch moves. Failing to do so produces and error "see attached log file" I am curious if the mcStudio program checks for the selector switch location before loading either wifi or ethernet settings.

mcStudio v0.9.534.0
  GwVersion 0.9-958
  LpLanVersion 0.9-615
VM Firmware Version 0x0.9r615
Bootloader Version 1v1.0r0