Author Topic: Sensors Stop Sending MQTT Messages and have to reboot mcGW to start sending again.  (Read 353 times)


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Hi Everyone,
sorry that you are experiencing these issues - As mentioned in other posts, we are no longer supporting the older version of the system in the fact that we are not going to make changes or fix any potential bugs as we are focused on the new system (with mcCloud: NOTE - Older hardware such as the gateway110 and mcMod110's will not function on the new system (they dont have the technical requirements to access the new system) so to work with the new release, you will need to upgrade your equipment.
We are planning on a discounted offer to existing users and backers soon (it has been delayed due to some massive projects we are working on). If you do want to get more information, you can ask us here or email as at

In regards to the issue, our recommendation would be to re-load the firmware for all your devices, make sure your modules have fresh batteries and, if you are having issues using WIFI, switch to Ethernet as for some of you, it appears to be more stable.

Hope that helps!
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