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Sensors Stop Sending MQTT Messages and have to reboot mcGW to start sending again.

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I notice a couple times a day my sensors stop sending MQTT messages and I have to reboot the mcGW to get them to start reporting again. Has anyone else seen this issue?

Can you confirm what version of mcOS(firmware) your gateway is at and your devices please?


I have the same issue.

- mcGateway110
                  * GwVersion: 0.9-958
                  * LpLanVersion: 09-615
- mcModule120 firmware: v0.9.615
- mosquitto: local server
- mcGateway connection to local network: wifi

Problem description:
Temperature application project (using MQTT class with method Lplan.Publish) from the GitHUB was running on the mcModule120. This program generates bacons in very short cycles for different topics (as .../Temerature, .../BatteryVoltage). I can receive a "lifecycle" bacon in the topic home/mcThings too and the greenLED blinks on the module if a bacon was sent to the MQTT server. I used a private MQTT sever with windows application-, mobile- and mcModule120 clients. After some hours the application- and mobile-client were still able to publish and receive messages, but I lost all bacons from the mcModule. The modul was alive, because the greenLED was still blinking and I could measure the required power voltage level (about 3V on the battery). So, I thought that the only problem could be at the mcGateway side. I restarted the gateway and after some secounds the bacons from the mcModule ware received in the topics again.

Any idea or solution to handle this issue?

My configuration is:

- mcGateway110
                  * GwVersion: 0.6-367
                  * LpLanVersion: 08-420
- mosquitto: local server
- mcGateway connection to local network: wifi

This platform is very frustrating.

I upgraded to GW Version 0.9-958 and LP Lan Version 0.0.615. Now mcStudio can only see the GW when the ethernet cable is connected. The GW does not show up when in wi-fi mode.

Wi-fi settings are the same in GW config as before the upgrade.


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