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Updated gateway now connection problems

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I just updated the gateway to v0.9 (both host and app) and now the gateway will not connect via wifi (it was prior to the update). It will, however work over ethernet.

It's been a pretty frustrating experience between Losant not functioning and now this...

Have you been connecting to WIFI using WPS? If so, please try that again.

You can also enter your SSID and password into the gateway configuration when connected via Ethernet. This way, your gateway will always connect to your WIFI network.

This YouTube video should help you out too

let us know if that helps

Thanks again for your reply. I was using SSID and that was working fine. After the update I was only able to connect using WPS. The SSID did not work.

After entering the SSID and password, make sure you power cycle the gateway so that those changes take affect.

Can you try this and let us know?

Can you please let me know what power cycling the gateway means?
I am able to connect gateway using WPS and I have entered SSID and password. How can I reconfigure the gateway if I want to change SSID and password?


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