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Re: Current time in HH:MM:SS
« on: July 25, 2016, 10:33:06 am »
We did a lot of work to prevent bricking the device. The only case we know where it goes wrong, which is solved in the latest version, is the repeated reset case. If the device resets before you can make a connection it is bricked.
Why do we reset the device? The most common case is that the application program request services from the OS and the OS can't keep up and runs out of memory. In that case we have to reset the device because we cannot continue.

We have fixed this by keeping track of the up-time. If the device need to reset and it is not up for more than 2 minutes we remove the script and wait for a connection with mc-Studio.

So what if your device is bricked and you don't have the latest code? Well that is simple. After a reset the device is looking for 5 seconds to find a boot-loader (mc-Dongle) before starting the OS and running the script. This makes it possible to load the latest software.