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We cannot get MCStudio to run. Using the latest download version on either Windows 7 desktop and or Windows 10 laptop We keep getting this error.
Please help! IMG_0022 IMG/em0023 IMG/em0024 IMG/em0025Like

Reply mcJohnAdmin
The filename or directory name contains a space. That problem should be solved but the name is also saved in some other files. You have to do the following:
1. Uninstall mcStudio
2. Delete all the files in install directory. There is probably a file called Settings.xml left that needs to be deleted.
3 install mcStudio.Like

Hi Guys Thanks for your help.
So I have done what you suggested Now my Gateway will not appear in the devices. If I click on configure Gateway it crashes. If I click connect gateway nothing happens.
Should I load the older version of the MCStudio?

Reply mc-T2Admin19d
Hi Flook!
To start, if you select one of the virtual gateways (these are in the software for testing and will eventually be removed) but if you select one of the virtual gateways and press config, the system will crash as it stands today.
How have you connected your gateway to the network (WIFI or Ethernet?) and is your gateway configured for the network input (there is a switch for WIFI or for Ethernet on the gateway itself). You can see if it is successfully connected by having a solid Amber light (connection indicator)

I have no connection to MCStudio with the gateway Solid Red power, Solid red comm, flashing amber status. I uploaded to the gateway the newer .bin firmware and now I have a gateway that connects. Studio still crashing but I managed to make the red led blink! Phew!
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