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Re-Post "Version 0.7"
« on: June 06, 2016, 10:54:50 am »
mcJohnAdmin2din General
Version 0.7

We have uploaded version 0.7 of the mc-Things platform. Version 0.7 of mc-Studio is not compatible with older versions of the module and vice versa because we had to fix some complex issues that required to change the internal instruction set of the Virtual Machine. If you are interested how this works have a look at the *.lst files that are created during building.
To prevent problems, you should load version 0.7-890 of mc-Studio. Builds 888 and build 889 do not work correctly. So use version 0.7-890 for mcStudio and 0.7-356 for mcModule or newer.
The software is still very new and the team is really working hard to fix everything as fast as possible. It will get better over time. Thank you for your patients.
mcThings Team

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