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Accelerometer count step o interruptions


We're using the sensor with accelerometer, so far we can record the movement.
but we would like to know, if exist any parameter for sensitivity, I suggest what we want to solve.

I want to walk when you can register the steps of a person, or animal.
How could we adjust the accelerometer to activate it when there is a movement such as

I'm use, next sentences for accelerometer

'set accelerometer to cause interrupt if accelation is > 1.15Gs for longer than 2ms (any axis)
        accel.ConfigureOrientationInterrupt(1.15, 2.0)

Hey dude I hope you see this, I'm new with mcthings, I would like to know where you learned to get information about the accelerometer? I am developing something similar, I also need to know when a person is walking, therefore I need to know the movement in any axis and send it to Losant. Do you think you could help me? Until now I only learned to get information about the temperature and voltage of the battery.


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