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Re: Connection Problem
« Reply #15 on: July 26, 2016, 05:02:38 pm »
The symptoms are consistent with what I described earlier. The run-time error exists even if you don't have a device connected. You try to read from the device and then index into an empty list object which causes a run-time error. When the device is not in debug mode and encounters a run-time error, it goes into debug mode. There is nothing it can do to recover so it sits there and waits for you to connect to it. This is why you do not see any more beacons. Beacons are not set in debug mode.

Just to note, I believe there was an issue with the mc-Gateway Host Processor and that is why you could not connect to your device. I just uploaded a new version that you should try. I have replicated your exact problem and I can connect to my device with mc-Studio and reprogram it.

Unfortunately I cannot give you the hex file for the module. In the near future we will have the ability to erase the script through the mc-OTA.

let me know if this fixes your problem.