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Re: Connection Problem
« Reply #15 on: August 04, 2016, 01:21:12 pm »
1) Are you running v0.7-406 of the Gateway Host Processor? This will show up under LplanVersion in the Device dialogue in mcStudio. I tested this again and I am able to connect to the device running your code. Modified to Boot instead of on button pressed.

2) As I described, you have a run-time exception. The run-time exception causes the device to stop executing code and enter debug mode, waiting for a connection. When the code is in Boot, it runs immediately when device boots. But in button press it waits until you press the button, after you press the button the exception happens and the device stops executing code.

3) As I said earlier, Unfortunately I cannot share the hex with you. There is an OTA Updater release imminent that will allow you to erase the script.