Author Topic: Disconnecting your mc-Modules properly  (Read 119 times)


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Re: Disconnecting your mc-Modules properly
« on: June 27, 2016, 06:19:12 pm »
Thank you very much for this information. This is hepfull.

I got stuck in McStudio trying to connect one of my device for more than 15 minutes.
I Aborted the connection, Disconnect theGateway, close the McStudio and I removed the battery from my devices.  Then I reset the Gateway (using the reset button).
I started McStudio and open up Device Maintenance and Connection screen and connected to my Gateway.
Immediately I was able to see my Gateway no devices were visible. I put back the battery in one of my device and very quickly I sould see the device. I started the connection to this device. After 750 seconds, McStudio have not been able to establish the connection. During this time, the last beacon timestamp have been updated frequently.

Which step did I mis. What else should I do? I am using the latest version for all the environment.