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Re: Fast reading from sensors
« on: January 30, 2017, 06:54:54 pm »
I have a glimmer of a possibility, I do have an ADC with an I2C interface.

Problems here:

Clock speed on 120 module still doesn't work properly (limited to 250khz). Can we fix this soon? Should go up to 400khz. functions are supposed to accept integers (according to the documentation), but actually accept bytes. This means you can only read 255 bytes at a time. One function ( does seem to compile, and says that it reads integer bytes followed by a stop bit, but just returns 0 all the time. (,True) works properly).

Even with these limitations, reading 255 bytes at a time at 250khz, I can read at 75us per byte, almost good enough.

If you could fix the speed issue, this would probably work. The read functions are a pain, fixing them would also be helpful, but the I2C speed is the limiting factor now.

Any chance of getting this fixed soon?