Author Topic: ListofShort.Min() Not working  (Read 182 times)


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Re: ListofShort.Min() Not working
« on: February 01, 2017, 03:55:28 pm »

We have confirmed that the .Min() method returns the max value for all data types, not just Short. We will have this problem fixed in the next release. Thank you for pointing this out!

We have also tried to replicate the for loop step problem but it seems to be working fine for us. If I run the following code:

Code: [Select]
Class testCase   
    Shared Event Boot()       
        Dim value As Integer = 0       
        For a As Integer = 0 To 6 Step 2
            value = a
    End Event   
End Class

I get the expected results of stepping by 2 per loop iteration. Can you elaborate on what you are seeing?