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mc-Mod120 Schematic


mc-Mod120 Schematic.

*Removed to save space. Schematics can be still be downloaded here at our website:

I am currently designing a custom PCB to take the MC-120.
Do you have library files for EagleCad PCB design software?


We do the majority of our design work with Altium Designer.

Pages 6 and 7 of the module product spec should give all the info you need to create footprints.
We will have a look at what we can do to make designing for the modules easier.

Ok thanks.

The company I work for engineer our own hardware and I have spoken to the hardware engineers. We also use Altium Designer and they have offered me help, any chance I can get the library files for Altium Designer?

Thanks again for your time.


My dev kit still hasn't arrived  >:( it's like dealing with the government, just hurry up and wait.  :)

Can you please tell me the hole diameter for the header pins, I am thinking .5mm or .6mm.



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