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mcModule no longer connecting


I'm trying to update the code on my 3 mcModules (legacy versions). It worked successfully for two, but I can't connect to the 3rd. I have tried shutting down mcStudio and power-cycling the mcGateway. I also successfully reloaded the firmware onto the mcModule using mcOTA just in case. When I connect to the Gateway using the "Device Maintenace and Connection" screen, it shows up as beaconing. Then, as with the other mcModules, I take the battery out, click Connect and re-insert the battery. However it never connects.

This mcModule is blinking green then red every few seconds, whereas the others do not. My code would not be causing this, although my code is still running on the mcModule, as every 30 minutes it's sending MQTT messages.

Any thoughts on what to do?

I fixed it by also using mcOTA to erase mcScript and the data store. Then I could connect and reload the script onto it.


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