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Re: OTA Update
« on: February 09, 2017, 09:28:57 am »
Hi Bart,

There have been some users that have told us that it has taken a couple times to get the modules to take the updates, sometimes. But we have not heard or experienced that extreme time to complete an update.
- I assume you are, but please be sure that your batteries are fresh
- If you start to experience these issues, please stop the mcOTA application and restart it. This has helped some in the past
- Range: the mcDongle does have some range but it is limited. Please be sure that the mcDongle is in close proximity to the modules and try to keep the two devices within that proximity while completing the firmware updates
- Orientation - Due to the limited range of the mcDongle, you may want to try to orientate the dongle or the module differently to provide a better RF connection

*Updated Feb 9th @ 1:47MST *
- Are you using the latest version of mcOTA available on the website?
- As mentioed above, if you do need to restart the mcOTA program, please be sure to quit the application, unplug the dongle and plug it back in and then start the application again

Firmware updates in quiet environment - This shouldn't be an issue. I, personally, have updated multiple modules here at the office while thousands of devices where beaconing and sending out messages and did not run into any issues.

Let us know if this helps and if you are still running into issues
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