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Re: OTA Update
« on: February 09, 2017, 11:43:46 am »
Do you actually mean OTA update? or just sending a script to the module (wireless)?

I ask, because I have had no real problems updating the firmware on 120 modules, but getting scripts to load via wireless is very difficult.

For this reason I mostly use my dev board, which has no problem loading (if you get the on switch - connect timing right).

But in some instances (wired in modules), I have no choice but to update them with new scripts using the gateway, and this fails about 80% of the time. Before the latest updates (yesterday), I was successful most of the time if the gateway was next to the module (ie less than 50cm say). Further away than this would fail every time.

After the upgrades released yesterday, updates fail most of the time, even with the gateway 5cm from the module. This is a pain, because you mostly get no message, things just hang. You have to power cycle the module, which crashes mcStudio, then restart mcStudio (usually twice as it doesn't start the first time), and try (and fail) again. Very time consuming.

The new firmware seems more prone to these failures than previously. As I say I was mostly successful when the module was within 50cm of the gateway, now 80% failures. It's early days with the latest upgrade, but I have noticed much lower reliability on script transfers already.

Did something get messed up?