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Re: OTA Update
« on: February 10, 2017, 10:19:29 am »
Well I still have endless trouble updating scripts OTA.

Usually connect goes without much trouble (especially if I have midpowermode set).

Then to send the script, I click on "Load and Save Program" - Icon highlights, then there is a period of nothing - 10 to 30 seconds (depends how long the program is). Next subtle change in the McStudio window (icon flickers, or windows spinner starts - something like this) - I know this means that building has finished, and transfer to the module has begun. Now random period of nothing, McStudio is unresponsive (can't do/click anything) - this can be 15 to 30 seconds or so. Next you get one of the following

  • Success message
  • Failed to Load message
  • Nothing - continuation of what I call "hung" mode

In the last case, I have tried waiting minutes, but no change. At some point I give up, and have to power cycle the module, at which point I get a long pop up error message "object not sent to an instance of .... blah blah blah". Click on OK. Now windows comes up and says McStudio has stopped responding - click on "close program". McStudio closes. Re-open it (usually twice, first time fails), and try again.

This happens 50 to 80% of the time (i think it depends on how far the gateway is from the module but this may be wishful thinking. I usually have the module 50cm from the gateway or it doesn't work at all).

My suggestion - what about a progress bar? ie compiling, building, sending so you can see what is happening, and if it is hung. Maybe retry instead of crash?

It's just frustrating having to wait "random length of time" not knowing what is happening, looking for subtle windows changes to guess progress, eventually giving up and so on.

I know my computer is slow (I do have a faster one, but it's not set up for development ... yet), and my main super fast computer is Linux, but it's not that slow! It's running Windows 8.1 if that is any help.

Just what I'm seeing, YMMV.