Author Topic: Possible range between McModule - McGateway  (Read 355 times)


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Re: Possible range between McModule - McGateway
« on: January 06, 2017, 11:31:04 am »
Hello bdevlin,

First, very cool visualization of the data in Tableau! Thanks for sharing.

Just to make sure, are your gateway and modules updated to the latest firmware versions? If not, please update as some of the recent changes have made some major improvements to the system itself.

Gateway placement - Depending on the environment, range can be reduced (as you have seen). Some folks have seen better range when placing the gateway in a higher position and as Nick mentioned above, using multiple gateways is an great way to ensure that you have coverage (yes, you need to connect the modules to all the gateways you have so that they are registered to each gateway). You can also experiment with  moving the modules to different locations within the area you want to measure to make sure you are receiving the incoming data properly.

Using IFTTT - Because IFTTT is a third party service, I have seen missed messages and lags/delays using the service sometimes. This happens more so when you are sending constant data to the service and I have also noticed that IFTTT will sometimes stop incoming data when it appears that the data points are the same for a certain period of time. When we setup the IFTTT temperature example, we found that certain temperatures that were pretty much constant eventually were refused by IFTTT (Sending a temperature of 20.2 C for 10 minutes straight usually resulted in the service not accepting new incoming data). I have not used IFTTT myself for a while now so this may have changed but it was our experience previously.

Using MQTT - I have found that using MQTT is much more reliable and actually much easier to setup and use. Yes, the only video we currently have that discusses using setting up MQTT is door open and closed video on our channel. We do go through setting up an MQTT broker (CloudMQTT) and then viewing that data through a phone App (android phone application). We are putting together a new video shortly using JSON over MQTT and sending the information in one of our great partners, Losant. Losant has put together a great walk-through on sending temperature and battery voltage information into their application (found here: ).
Here is a sample of the dashboard that we are going to use for the video ( Losant is a great way to view your data, get alerted for low-temps, battery voltage, etc

New mcGateway120! - As mc-John mentioned in a previous post, we are working on a new gateway that will be released the first part of this year! The new gateway (mcGateway120) has an additional antenna to increase the diversity and will also include a power amplifier to increase the range. We are currently working on this and will release some initial testing results on the range when we are ready to go. The great part here is that you can expect a new device shortly that will allow you to increase the range of your mcAir network!

Hope that helps!
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