Author Topic: Red LED blinks without reference in code  (Read 240 times)


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Re: Red LED blinks without reference in code
« on: July 17, 2016, 12:25:11 pm »
It's a new day, so lets try this again:

1) Downloaded mc-Studio Application V0.7-895, Host Processor BIN File Download: BIN FILE V0.7-405, Application Processor BIN File Download: BIN FILE V0.6-360, and BIN File Download: V0.7-359.
2) Uninstalled mc-Studio via control panel.
3) Installed mc-Studio.
4) Opened OTA Updater, make sure "Ready", load mc-Gateway host .bin, click "Search Device", power on mc-Gateway, once found click "Start Update"
5) Copy mcGw110.bin to a Flash Drive, plug Flash Drive into mc-Gateway and follow firmware update procedure.
6) Load mcMod110-v0.7-359.bin into OTA Updater, click "Search Device", power on mc-Module, once found click "Start Update". Rinse and repeat for 4 total mc-Modules.
6a) While updating the second mc-Module, I noticed that the first mc-Module has already started doing the resets with the blinking red LED. While typing 6a, the second mc-Module that just completed a firmware update also started blinking. Does a firmware update clear any loaded programs?
7) With my 4 devices blinking like a disco scene, I closed OTA Updater and took out all of the batteries from the mc-Modules.
8. Launch mc-Studio, prepare my code and click "Build the Application"
9) Power on mc-Gateway, open Tools -> Devices, connect to Gateway running 6-360 and 7-405, power on a mc-Module, connect to Module with version 7-359 (this took 140 seconds, so I aborted. I clicked "Connect Device" again and was connected in 1 second. Explain?).
10) Prepare code for next mc-Module, Build the Application, power on mc-Module, connect to new mc-Module (though first mc-Module was successfully loaded with code and the programming environment showed the virtual device, the Devices window still showed the first mc-Module was connected in the checkbox. Connecting straight to the new mc-Module worked in 8 seconds, but the application window then showed the old mac address. Connected to virtual device manually, but the new mc-Module then still had a checkbox checked. Just disconnected gateway and reconnected with success. Please try to make the UI accurate.
11) Loaded the second mc-Module. Repeat for last 2 mc-Modules.

I increased the event interval that reads temperature from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. Not sure if it was this total reset process or if there is a memory leak from queuing MQTT so quickly (10 seconds), but I am not seeing the red resets AND I am getting data into my dashboard. Good news, but a slow process connecting to the modules. I need a mc-Dev board  :-\