Author Topic: [SOLVED] Uart0Receive() Read  (Read 435 times)


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Re: Uart0Receive() Read
« on: June 18, 2016, 12:42:32 pm »
I have made a simple test with my touchscreen and mcModule

The screen is sending 01 02 03
And there is a simple calculation 1+2+3-1 so the result should be 5 as you could see in the provided movie the result is 5 every time i debug the code and when i let it go by it self then this time the result was 4.

So what do you think about this?

By the way this might be the most boring movie that you ever have seen but maybe it provides some good information to this case.  ;)

Code: [Select]
Class UartExample
    Shared serial As Uart
    Shared Event Boot()
        // Enable serial communication
        serial = Uart.Create(9600, Pin.Pin3, Pin.Pin1)
    End Event
    Shared Event Uart0Receive()
        Dim chr As Integer = serial.Read
        Dim test As Integer = chr
        While chr >= 0
            chr = serial.Read()
            test = test + chr
        End While
    End Event
End Class