Author Topic: NEW KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN IS LIVE TODAY! The TrackALL IoT Device from mcThings!  (Read 15 times)


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Hello everyone!
I wanted to let you know that we have officially launched our new Kickstarter campaign for our newest device, the TrackALL device!

This is a really cool and exciting new IoT device that we are releasing - it includes multiple sensors (depending on the version you get):
- Ambient Light sensor
- Humidity sensor
- Temperature sensor
- Accelerometer
- WIFI Location services
- LIDAR distance sensor

This device also includes Sigfox and the new mcAir long range wireless - up to 1200m/~3900 FT Range!

And there is more! The platform is being updated to bring in our new platform feature called mcCloud! mcCloud brings the mcThings platform to the next level by allowing for high scalability, remote device debugging/programming, and enhanced security!
mcCloud will allow you to connect to your devices, anywhere in the world, within range of an mcGateway. We are also introducing the ability to send data to different applications using webhooks (HTTP/S).

If you back this project through Kickstarter, you will receive a free year subscription for Sigfox (There will be a device version for each Sigfox zone) and also a subscription to mcCloud!

There are tons of different use-cases for using the new TrackALL device (check out the different use-cases in the campaign link below)

Check out the campaign here -

We hope that you join us on this campaign so that you can take advantage of the new features and devices! Get in early as there are lots of super early bird and early bird specials!

Need more mc-Modules, mc-Gateways or other mc-Things? Check out our product page: mc-Development kits are available too!
Check out a live Dashboard using mcThings and Losant! Click here:

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