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Light Sensor Demo Project
« on: July 19, 2016, 11:23:42 am »
Light Sensor Demo Project
In this project we showcase the use-case of a light sensor that is soldered into a mc-module. We go through the soldering process and allow you to see the mc-studio code. You can find the full code posted below.

Code: [Select]
Define PinMode Pin0 As AnalogInput Alias lightVoltage

Define PinMode Pin6 As DigitalOutput Alias enableLightVoltage   

Class LightVideo         

Shared Event measureLight() RaiseEvent Every 50 milliSeconds                 

enableLightVoltage = True 'turn on voltage

Thread.Sleep(20000) 'sleep 20ms for
voltage to stabilize         

Dim voltage As Short = lightVoltage         

If voltage > 900 Then             

LedRed = True                     


LedRed = False                     


enableLightVoltage = False 'turn off voltage

End Event     

Shared Event sendMQTT() RaiseEvent Every 1 Minutes         

LedRed = True                 

payload As ListOfByte = New ListOfByte()       

Dim TempC As Float = TempSensor.GetTemp
Dim TempString As String = TempC.ToString()
Lplan.Publish("mcThings/OutsideTemp", payload)                 

= False     

End Event     

Shared Event measureVoltage() RaiseEvent Every 2 Hours                 

As Short = Device.BatteryVoltage                 

If BattVolt < 2200 Then             

Lplan.IFTTT("YOURUNIQUEIFTTTKEYHERE", "OutsideBatt")         



End Event

End Class

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Re: Light Sensor Demo Project
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2016, 11:41:22 am »
Hi everyone! This project is quite simple but we wanted to show how easy it is to attach sensors to the mc-Modules. A couple of things that you could do to enhance this project could be:

- In an office building, you could use the light sensor to detect the light intensity and then:
   a) based on the outside light coming into the office, you could dim the office lights to save energy during the light hours of the day. when it starts to get dark, you could have the modules increase the light intensity of the office.
   b) You could also use this scenario to ensure that you are doing your best to help your employees maintain their optimal Circadian Rhythms which increases efficiency and health & wellness!

- In a greenhouse or agriculture scenario, you could be alerted and log what the light intensity is to ensure that you are in optimal growing conditions?
- Using MQTT, have the mc-Module publish to your phone when it is light or dark out?
- Using MQTT, publish when light is detected. You could have another module subscribe to that topic and when it detects 'dark' you could have it turn on a light  in your house or outside?
- Use the light sensor to log in a spreadsheet (using IFTTT) when the sun rises or sets at your house?

There are probably many more uses for this sensor and mc-Modules not to mention the countless other use-cases when it comes to other sensors and the mc-Thing platform!

We will continue to create more project videos with different sensors and scenarios to show you the incredible versatility of the mc-Things platform.
If you have any suggestions on how else you could use a light sensor with an mc-Module,, please post it in the comments!
If you have any suggestions on other videos or projects that you would like to see in a video, please let us know and we will do our best!
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