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mc-Module / Re: mcModule as doorbell
« on: August 27, 2018, 09:51:05 am »
@michaelblight - you are correct, i think i put in the wrong code for you. There is a button on the mcMod's that you can use - it is predefined within the langage script (as button) and can be used. However, this button will be quite touch for someone to press as a doorbell. Here is code that is better suited to what you want to do (With a button soldered to pin0 and GND):

Code: [Select]
Define PinMode Pin0 As DigitalInputPullupWeak
Class mcSwitch
    //The following will send an IFTTT message when the button is pressed & will light the LED when pressed
    Shared Event Pin0FallingEdge()     
        'This timing may need To be modified but essentially this Is a debounce.After the device detects a change it waits 50 ms To check again To confirm that the button was actually pushed * *
        If Pin0 = False Then
            LedGreen = True // turn off LED
            LedGreen = False
            'This can also be modified.After the above program runs, the module will Not be able To run it again For 120 Seconds / 2 Minutes (the timing Is In microSeconds).If you want, you can change this To 6000000 which will give you 60 Seconds before the button can be pressed again.
        End If
    End Event
End Class
End Class

Hope that helps

mc-Things General Discussion / Re: Question about Kickstarter versions
« on: August 14, 2018, 11:09:46 am »
Hey michaelblight,

sorry for the delay and good job on answering your own questions  :) just to expand on your answers:

is a mc-router and a mc-gateway the same thing - YES - correct. It was originally called an mc-Router but has now changed to mcGateway to better reflect what the hardware does. We are close to releasing mcCloud to the public (within the next month or 2) and at that time, anyone wishing to use the new system will need to upgrade to new hardware as the older hardware does not have the capabilities to work on the new version. More info on mcCloud here:

does the current IDE still work with those version - YES - Yes, for the legacy version of devices. We will continue to provide the firmware and software (mcStudio) for the older version on our website for some time but we will not be supporting this in the future as we are focusing on the new version of mcThings which includes the new mcCloud

can the firmware be updated on them - YES - Yes, with the legacy version of the firmware (mcOS). Again, we will not be supporting any fixes or updates on the legacy version of the system.

were there battery issues with the 1st gen - I haven't found any problems yet. They started out at 2.9 volts about 7 weeks ago, and they're now are 2.8 volts. I'm sending temperature, battery and status readings every 30 minutes. - correct, there were some battery issues but those were fixed, mostly in mcOS. You should be getting some serious life out of your batteries from the devices

is the Kickstarter mc-module the same as the 100 - YES - Correct. It was actually called the mcMod110 which has subsequently been replaced with the new mcMod120 which will be required for using the new system with mcCloud. NOTE - a new mcGateway120 will also be required to use the new system.

am I wasting my time - probably, but why would I make a value judgement - We, of course, dont think it is a waste of time!  :)

However, the mcModule110s are no longer available and the newer mcModule120s are not compatible with the old gateway. So if I want more I basically have to start from scratch. Bummer. - This is correct and for good reason. The new system makes it much easier to work with multiple devices (you can manage all your devices from the cloud!) and ensures that there is high-security for solutions being created. We have already deployed new mcCloud devices into multiple projects for some very large clients and now we are vamping up the system for public use as soon as we can.

Hope that helps.
Take care

mc-Module / Re: mcModule as doorbell
« on: August 14, 2018, 10:43:08 am »
Hey michaelblight,

yes, I havent seen anyone post this project yet, however, we have done this ourselves and i know of some users who have done a button onto a mcModule. The mcModule includes a small button/switch already but if you wished, you could connect a push button and use it for a doorbell (or other purposes).

Since you are working on the older version (legacy) of the mcThings platform, you will need to work with some older code. NOTE - We are moving towards the public release of mcCloud in the next month or two so keep an eye out as the new version of mcCloud is very versatile and makes it much easier to work with multiple devices! Older equipment will not work on the new system but we are going to be offering our users discounted hardware for those who want to move to the new system. It should also be noted that we are no longer supporting the legacy system (no new firmware, big fixes, etc) as we are focusing on the new version.

Button code: The below is a code we used to send information to the IFTTT service but you can modify it to send the info to elsewhere if you wish. A standard pushbutton was soldered to PIN 0 and GRD from the button and then the device was loaded with the below code:

Code: [Select]
Class ButtonExample
    //The following will send an IFTTT message when the button is pressed & will light the LED when pressed
    Shared Event ButtonPressed()
        'If Pin0 = False Then
        If Button0 = False Then
            Lplan.IFTTT("YOURIFTTTWEBHOOKKEYHERE", "BUTTON", "pressed")
            LedGreen = True // turn off LED
            LedGreen = False
        End If       
    End Event   
End Class

From there, we setup an IFTTT applet which would send a notification/email/text when the button is pressed. Note, there can sometimes be some lag as you are working with a third-party service.. sometimes it is lightening fast and other times it can take up to a minute. You will also need to test and ensure that your mcGateway is in range of the device.
Hope that helps, good luck and when the new version of mcCloud is out, we will be pushing out the same above example for a button so you can do this on the new system.

Hi Tomasu,

I understand your disappointment and frustration - There are many good reasons why we had to move to a new system and drop the legacy version such as:

- SECURITY - as you know, in IoT, security is a big ticket item (there are news reports everyday about hackers, etc). The older system, while a bit more 'open', does not include the security required for large-scale enterprise IoT solutions. As we are a business and focused mostly on B2B opportunities, this is a critical thing that we needed to address and as such, a system like mcCloud was necessary

- SCALABILITY - if you have used the legacy system for some time, you understand that it can be frustrating to update even 10 or 20 devices with new code or firmware as you had to physically touch/get close to the devices. Imagine trying to do this with 100 or 100,000 devices! mcCloud changes this and makes it SO MUCH easier to manage the devices at scale.

-VERSATILITY - Using mcCloud, you can now easily send information to multiple locations (like Azure, Losant, Ubidots, etc) from the cloud, instead of configuring your gateway to send the information to one location only. While this might be nice for a DIY person, it is not scalable for anytype of real IoT solution.

IMPROVEMENTS - Just like almost anything else, as technology gets better and new requirements need to be addressed, systems need to change. As such, we needed to move to the new system for all the above reasons and it allows us to continue to add new features and functions in the future.

Sorry to hear that you are going to move away from our platform. Hopefully the above gives you some understanding of why we we changed from legacy and why we can no longer support the old system.
Take care.

Hi Junkboy,

yes, you can insert a 'sleep' function into your code. Check out the attached mcScript guide (Also available on the website) and search through it for the function. I think i remember that it is discussed or displayed on page 23 (and other areas within the document).

The concept would be, to complete what you are asking below, is to raise an event every 60 minutes, insert the sleep function for a certain period of time (I believe the sleep function calculates time in milliseconds so you'll need to do some conversion). Should allow you to do what you are asking below.

Good luck!

Hi Everyone,
sorry that you are experiencing these issues - As mentioned in other posts, we are no longer supporting the older version of the system in the fact that we are not going to make changes or fix any potential bugs as we are focused on the new system (with mcCloud: NOTE - Older hardware such as the gateway110 and mcMod110's will not function on the new system (they dont have the technical requirements to access the new system) so to work with the new release, you will need to upgrade your equipment.
We are planning on a discounted offer to existing users and backers soon (it has been delayed due to some massive projects we are working on). If you do want to get more information, you can ask us here or email as at

In regards to the issue, our recommendation would be to re-load the firmware for all your devices, make sure your modules have fresh batteries and, if you are having issues using WIFI, switch to Ethernet as for some of you, it appears to be more stable.

Hope that helps!

Hi Junkboy,

Sorry for the delay.

1) How quickly are you expecting to transmit the acclerometer data? If you are trying to transmit any less than every 30 seconds, you will likely start to run into issues as the system is designed for low-power. It is not designed for continuous transmission of data due to the low-power and design of the platform. We do have many users who are using the accelerometer and either sending a sample every 30 seconds (or at a longer interval) or programming logic onto the device where you can do some computing to send out a particular value on an acceptable interval.

For your uses, you'll need to work on you code and programming to get what you need - since there are not a lot of available examples on using the accelerometer yet, you'll need to put in the time and effort on your own code at this time. as mentioned, in the new system there is some more accelerometer examples that might help you out but that wont be accessible until the new system is available to everyone (in the next month or two). There are users here on the forum that have done some fancy things with the accelerometer and might be able to provide you code and help. I do not have permission from our users and clients to share those examples at this time.

My recommendation would be to look at the library for the accelerometer within mcStudio to understand it a fully and you can also search around online for others using the same sensor of other hardware - you can then take those examples and work on moving them into the mcStudio environment for your own use.

Hope that helps!

FAQ's / Re: Registering New Devices - Help, I'm new in Mcthings
« on: May 30, 2018, 09:32:18 am »
That is correct - you will need an mcGateway120 and you'll also need to move your mcMod120(s) to the latest version as well.

mcCloud will be released publicly soon - we are finishing some development internally on mcCloud.

ALSO - we will be offering discounted equipment to our existing users and forum members which will allow you all to move to the new system. keep an eye out for a note on the details of this deal - you should see it very soon!

Hey Junkboy

Ok good that you have mcMod120's - Check out this post that talks about using the accelerometer on the mcMod120 (including an initial downloadable library):

You can also check out this github example:

As mentioned, when mcCloud is released, there is a new accelerometer example that will be included in the latest version of mcStudio as well. Thanks for the patience and hopefully the above info helps you to get going.

mc-Platform General / Re: Help with the accelerometer (mcMod120)
« on: May 29, 2018, 11:56:53 am »
Hi Junkboy, i replied to your other post in regards to your accelerometer question.

However, in regards to the reed switch, you might want to check out this post:

FAQ's / Re: Registering New Devices - Help, I'm new in Mcthings
« on: May 29, 2018, 11:55:52 am »
Hi Junkboy - mcCloud is almost available for everyone (We are finishing our transition from the old system to the new one). As such, the older system will not work with mcCloud - you will need to upgrade to new equipment (at least an mcGateway120 and at least an mcMod120).

To help out our original Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers, we will be offering a discount on upgrade equipment shortly (everyone on the forum and previous KS and Indiegogo backers will receive a note in the next coming weeks) which will inform you of the discount options and when we expect to be able to deliver the equipment.

The new gear allows us to provide registration keys however, the mcGateway110 and mcMod110 devices will not work on the new system.

Thanks for your patience while we transition

Hi Junkboy -
to help you out, i need some additional info:

1) What devices do you have? mcMod110 or mcMod120 devices?

The devices do have an accelerometer and we do have some examples and libraries for the mcMod120 devices (which i can direct you to after you confirm what devices you are working with).

NOTE - We are moving to the new system (with mcCloud - we are not able to support the older version at this time. I am happy to direct you to information that is available however, since we are in transition, new examples and libraries will need to wait until we are complete and have the new system available for everyone to use.
Let us know about the above question so we can try to help you out

mc-Dongle / Re: Information for mctrack331
« on: April 25, 2018, 12:46:07 pm »
Hi Ahossain,

The mcTrak331 is a prototype device that some of our selected Alpha and Beta testers are using as we transition from our older system to the new system (which includes mcCloud). The mcTrak331 is already on its way to being replaced with the new mcSense420 ( and see uploaded product brief below).

We will be providing full documentation (product specs and schematics) for the mcSense420 when available.

If you do have questions about the mcTrak331, please email us at


mc-Things General Discussion / Re: cannot download
« on: April 16, 2018, 03:50:33 pm »
mcStudio is only supported using Windows 7 or higher. You'll need to use a newer OS to work with the application

mc-Gateway / Re: The future of the McGateway
« on: March 17, 2018, 02:10:44 pm »
@berstern - Thanks for the comment!

Good timing - We are actually exploring options to allow for a built-in cellular connection on the mcGateway. Not sure of the timeline of this right now but it would be great as it means you can then deploy the mcGateway anywhere and start to collect data from your mcDevices.

Keep in mind that you can do this today, you just require a cellular Ethernet or WIFI modem which you can then connect to the mcGateway. We've done some testing with some inexpensive ones available on Amazon and you can also look for options with your local mobile company.

USB to output data - No, the USB is strictly for powering the gateway and the USB port (only on the mcGateway110) is meant for updating the device to the latest mcOS (firmware). the new mcGateway120 does not have a USB port as it receives new mcOS directly from our new mcCloud system!
You can learn more about the soon to be released mcCloud system here:

and here:

mcCloud will be released very soon and we are going to offer any existing users who have legacy hardware (mcMod110's and mcGateway110's) the option to upgrade to new hardware at a discounted price. Keep an eye out for this announcement on the forum and in your email!
Hope that helps, let us know if you have any other questions

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