Author Topic: [SOLVED] Bricked module? Can't connect, but I can still do OTA-Update, Red led flashing every 5 sec  (Read 126 times)


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My 3th module bricked now.  :'(
After I ran the program successfully in debug mode I just wanted to upload, immediately after my mcModule was bricked, I didn't modify any code.

I hope soon the new version from the OTA update to reset the script will come out, so I can test further, because now I'm totally stuck.

I was experimenting with my SPI to WS2801 LED software. Working pretty well at first, only the first LED was flickering but I found this is a common problem with the length of the cable or the power supply to the Led's and I only tried with different speeds of the SPI-bus, recompiling and uploading again and again, than it happened.